2021 – virtual edition

This congress is organised jointly by the European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA) and Eurobitume.

Originally scheduled to take place in Madrid in May 2020 but due to the ongoing health pandemic, a decision was taken to postpone the congress to 2021. At the end of last year, it became apparent that to be absolutely certain to go ahead the only option available was to change the E&E Congress Madrid to a virtual platform.

We are disappointed not to be able to hold the 7th E&E Congress from the magnificent city of Madrid and enjoy the local Spanish culture. The previous years of preparation were highly supported by local members of both associations and we will miss not being able to embrace the physical experience fully however, we aim to maintain some of that Spanish flavour to the overall virtual experience.

By transforming the E&E Congress into a fully virtual format, we ensure the benefits and value of the technical program and exhibition to all participants and stakeholders.

The overall theme “Asphalt 4.0 for future mobility” remains an important issue for discussion and exchanges at the congress.

The future mobility scenarios will have clear impacts on our road infrastructure. The way of travel will change, and the use of automated and guided vehicles will have an effect on-road requirements.

This means that the road infrastructure going forward, approximately 90% of which is represented by asphalt materials, will also need to accommodate future mobility solutions. How transport systems will look like is not clear, but the asphalt pavements need to be ready for these future requirements and asphalt roads and the services they provide will remain of high importance in the future for all types of end-users from cyclists, motorcycles, cars, buses and heavy goods vehicles regardless of the way they move forward.

We invite you to contribute to the industry’s future by supporting the 7th E&E Congress 2021 through your participation. Our aim is to highlight the importance of an efficient European road network and the importance that research and new developments play in ensuring that the asphalt roads will be ready for all future mobility.

New technologies do not only influence the future, they also have and will have a clear impact on the way we produce materials, pave and compact asphalt in the future. For example, the implementation of digitalisation will undoubtedly influence the way we control quality and how processes are steered and managed.

The digitalisation of the asphalt industry and the data exchange between computer systems are the foundations of Asphalt 4.0. Various sensors that were developed and machine to machine communication that was introduced will be the beginning of a real transformation, which is underway.

The main objectives of the E&E Congress 2021 are to:

• provide a platform for our industry and stakeholders to demonstrate and learn from the innovation and new technologies that have been developed and their impact on our products and processes over recent years

• offer a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to engage, exchange ideas and network in a way that will encourage positive action in the future

• stimulate discussions and debates that will help to steer a common approach to future challenges.

Looking forward to seeing you online.

Frank Michael Biel, President of Eurobitume

Juan José Potti, President of EAPA

Theme of the congress

Asphalt 4.0 for future mobility

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